Our story

We built this software after our co-founders, Lucas James and Christian Velitchkov, scaled Twiz.io to $1.72m in revenue (sales in 2021). Many of those sales were from agency partnerships, so this insight is what has crafted our platform.

Our belief is that generating revenue from referral partnerships is the best way to scale an agency, and it provides the most profit. It is also the case that 30-50% of all revenue from agencies is from referrals.

This 300+ member agency owner community continues to grow because of the amazing members in it and the powerful software behind it. This has made us more inspired than ever to provide more sales enablement tools to digital marketing agencies. Our goal by the end of 2022 is to have helped over 1,000 agencies add $1,000,000 in revenue.

If you decide to join AgencyGo and become a member, just remember that we put our money where our mouth is. We always offer an unconditional money back guarantee, because we know this software works. Mainly because we use it for ourselves to generate revenue. We hope you join us today!

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We lead with intention

Ian Cathcart
Head of Sales
Lucas James
Jordan Ross
Strategic Partner
Christian Velitchkov
Colby Flood
Community Manager
Sarah May
Head of Partnerships
Our Committment

To Our Members

Growth First
No matter what, we are committed to helping you grow your entire individual self. More than just your business.
Restless Support
We work tirelessly to help you scale your agency. We take pride and pleasure in helping you succeed.
Endless Learning
There is no end to the learning that you can receive as an AgencyGo member. We want what is best for you long term.