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5 expert tips on executing an effective spend analysis

"I am getting a ton of interest from my cold email outreach campaigns since watch your video, but I need some help coming up with new copy sequences."

"Wow! The email campaign you taught me in your last video is really working. How can I maximize results?"

I hear this a lot from our AgencyGo community ever since dropping this article on cold email marketing where I broke down how it has helped my agency generate $2m.

This week's edition is going to break down a sample of some of my TOP cold email templates.

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The NUMBER ONE THING you want to remember when it comes to cold emailing is that every email has three essential elements:

  1. The hook
  2. The why
  3. The offer

If you're familiar with Russell Brunson, he's popularized the Hook, Story, Offer method.

I put a spin on this, because I don't think cold emails need to have a "story" necessarily.

The shorter the better.

What's more important is the why.

For an example of this structure, check out the below three images of a cold email that helped me close a company which has paid us $3k per month on average for 30 months.

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To break down this email into its simplest form.

The hook = Saw 3 things that need to be fixed on COMPANY WEBSITE

The why = I am contacting you because you have errors on your website

The offer = I would love to send you a FREE marketing analysis I made to fix this

As you can see, these three elements make this e-mail undeniably sticky and hard to turn away from.


Now that you understand the basics of email copy structure, here are a few email templates you can use immediately to start booking more meetings.

I must warn you, however, that I WOULD NOT recommend starting on these until you have watched this video.

Failure to do so might end up with your domain being put into deliverability jail.

Which is a big no-no!

See, while it might seem otherwise, the key with cold email is to actually NOT annoy people.

You need to test email copy variations until you find something that works and provides MAXIMUM value to your prospects.

Only then are you given PERMISSION to send them cold emails.

So if you've watched that video, then here are some templates you can start using TODAY to help you boost sales dramatically.

  1. THE BASIC VIDEO ANALYSIS (Click here to view)
  2. THE PARTNER OUTREACH EMAIL (Click here to view)
  4. THE WEBSITE ERRORS EMAIL (Click here to view) <-- This is my personal favorite

Remember, these are just samples.

If you want DOZENS of templates just like these as well as $100k + tools, resources, discounts, courses and trainings to scale your agency to $185k per month like I did...

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Until next week AgencyGo fam, happy scaling!

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