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How to Convince Someone to Buy: 10 Proven Tricks for Better ROI

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is trying to close a sale. Overcoming this challenge is necessary to spearhead your company towards success and start scaling.

Follow these ten proven tricks to convince your prospects to buy and start seeing better ROI today.

Appeal to Your Prospect's Motivations

Customers want to feel like they're buying — not being sold. Sales reps need to research their prospects to gain an understanding of their wants before each call.

While it's not always practical to get an in-depth understanding of every individual, you should at least have an idea of what challenges they face.

With that information, you can learn their motivations for looking for a solution and tweak your pitch accordingly.

With their motivation in mind, you can make it easier for them to see that your product or service can solve their problems, making it more likely for them to buy.

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Avoid Complicated Language

You understand your product and know the technical terms to use to describe its impressive features. However, all that technical talk is going to make most of your prospects' eyes glaze over.

Try to keep the language you use as simple as possible: someone with no knowledge of your product or industry should be able to understand your pitch clearly.

Don't recite an endless list of features; instead, take a more concise approach and explain how your product or service will benefit them.

Talk to your customers in a language that they understand, and you'll be able to convince more of your prospects to buy.

Skip the Script

It's not about not using a cold call script; it's about how you use them.

Reading directly off the script makes you sound unprofessional and robotic. The true purpose of a script is to act as your guide or a checklist to remind yourself of the key points you want to mention in the call.

Cold calling can be a daunting task; having a script to fall back on occasionally can reassure you and your prospect.

So yes, you can use a script, but you want to be as natural as possible and use your own words instead of following it blindly.

Focus on How You Can Help

Instead of talking about the features and benefits, focus on helping your prospect. The conversation should center around them, not you.

Taking this approach builds trust and helps prospects not view you as being pushy by trying to force a sale.

By genuinely trying to help them solve their problems, you build rapport with your prospects. In return, they'll be willing to hear your pitch and participate in the conversation.

If you can establish a relationship with your prospect, it will be easier to close your deal. Sincerity can go a long way to help convince someone to buy from you.

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Provide Affirmation

You want your prospects to ask questions, right? Asking questions shows their interest and knowing more about what you sell.

Don't make your prospects feel embarrassed to ask questions and clarify their doubts. Keep in mind that they might not know much about your business before the call. Answer any questions with words of affirmation.

For example, when they ask questions, reassure them that you hear, respect, and understand them.

Be Confident

Before anything else, you need to know your product inside and out. You should always know exactly what you're talking about and be 100% ready for any questions your prospects might have.

If you get nervous easily, make sure to practice your pitch before calling and prepare for any potential questions you might receive — you don't want to be caught off guard during the call.

People are more likely to trust you. If they can tell you know what you're talking about. Be confident and prove to your prospects that you are knowledgeable in their industry.

Mirror Your Prospect's Tonality

The best sales reps present themselves as familiar and relatable.

One cold call technique that successful reps use is called mirroring. They do this by adopting the body language, speech patterns, and general attitude of the person they are talking to.

You want to adapt your tone of voice, pattern of speaking, and language to mirror your prospects. This helps you build a connection with them.

For example, prospects that like to talk about their personal experiences will likely find you more relatable if you respond with experiences of your own.

Use Specific Terms

It's not just about how you say things; what you say also matters. Some words carry more power than others, which can affect how a conversation plays out.

You should always try to use open-ended questions that provoke more of a response than a yes or no.

The goal isn't necessarily to make a sale right now; you want to have a genuine conversation with your prospects to get them interested and understand how you can help them.

Present Case Studies & Testimonials

When you're on a sales call, it's your chance to talk about your company's achievements. You can use case studies to highlight how your product solves particular business problems.

In addition, mentioning some of your well-known clients can help you build credibility with prospects.

If someone isn't aware of your brand, hearing that big players in the industry use your product or service can make you instantly look better.

You can also share your success statistics that companies have achieved using your product. 

Leverage FOMO Marketing

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a phenomenon where prospects fear losing an opportunity to do or buy something.

You can leverage this to help persuade prospects to make a purchase. FOMO can make your leads feel like they might fall behind their competitors if they don't use your product.

It makes your potential customers much more likely to take action.

The most common and successful FOMO technique is making your offers time-sensitive. You can create limited-time offers and encourage customers to make a purchase before the price rises.

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