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Launching a Product? How to Generate Massive Social Media Buzz

So, your product is finally ready to go. Yay! But you want to make a huge impact on the market. You've seen other companies' launches, and sometimes they're amazing, but other times they're a big flop. And you don't want yours to fail - your product is too good for that! So, here are several ideas for generating massive social media buzz for your launch.

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Create a Hashtag

Don't skip the hashtag. When you and your followers use designated hashtags, you can find and collect all of your and their social media posts and images. They aren't just out there floating around the internet. Hashtags can also be followed, so your current followers and potential customers know what's happening. They can even use your hashtags to direct others to your product or just share information.

Give real consideration to the choice of your hashtags. Ensure they are simple, unique, and easy to remember. They should also be relevant, not too long, and use easy-to-spell words. 

Try a Countdown to Build Excitement

A countdown will build excitement as your launch draws near. A countdown will also give you a reason to post daily. To ensure people get what you're doing, use the same graphic for each day, but reduce the number of days left each time. It keeps your launch and its related information in front of your audience and builds anticipation.

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Post Consistently

Don't assume that people will initially be as excited about your launch as you are. You'll have to keep reminding them of the great thing that's about to happen. So, you'll have to post consistently and at the right time of day to get the attention of the right people - your ideal customers. They won't forget you or your launch if you time it right.

Keep your posts engaging, and reply to comments if you can manage it.

Use online scheduling software like Hootsuite or Planable for your social media posts. If you leave the creation of each post for the day you post it, you will soon be overwhelmed and start missing days or begin letting the quality slip. Scheduling software allows you to set aside time each week or month to create daily posts for a whole period.

You can create your images and captions and schedule them for when you want them to go out. Initially, it will take some time, but you'll be happy you did it when posting is off your daily to-do list.

Pro Tip: Be mindful of the days and times you choose to post. For example, people are more attentive earlier in the week. Friday posts should not contain pertinent information as it's only likely to get a passing glance.

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Plan Your Posts

Akin to what we've just discussed, make sure you plan your posts. Without planning, you may neglect to mention important information or talk too much about one aspect of your launch. To ensure your posts are organized, with structure and meaning, and cover all essential info, plan them ahead of time. Even if you choose not to create each post, know what information will be shared each day.

Planning ahead gives you a chance to be engaging. You can research other campaigns and see what works best for you. Planning your posts should be done in conjunction with planning your entire launch.

Run a Fun Contest

People love a contest - they're fun and engaging, and they'll keep your audience's attention. Create a game around the theme of your launch. Your competition could encourage your audience to share your posts with small prizes or shout-outs for the person sharing the most in a day. 

Another contest idea is to have your audience share images of them doing fun things associated with your product. They'll have to use your hashtags, and they win a prize if you select their image.

Other ideas:

  • Product naming contest
  • Create their own videos contest
  • User-Generated Content (UGC) photo contest
  • Recurring draw contests
  • Follow-to-Win contest
  • Tag-a-Friend contest

Any of these will generate plenty of engagement and hype around the launch of your new product.

Don't Forget the Giveaways

The only thing your followers will enjoy more than a contest is a giveaway. Of course, these can be related. The prizes for the competitions may be giveaways of your product. But however you choose to do it - do it. If your product is too costly to give away, consider something else that's closely related to it. Be generous. 

Find Influencers

We all know the power of today's social media influencers. They are self-made celebrities who have huge sway among their audiences. Find influencers in your industry who can lend you their viewership and enthusiasm to promote your product. Check across platforms to find one or more suitable influencers, then give them plenty of time to learn about your product. Negotiate with them for fees or other remuneration.   

Create Educational Videos

Depending on your product, educational videos may stir your audience for the launch. It might be necessary to educate people about the features and benefits of your product before they become sufficiently excited about it. This is an excellent assignment for the influencers you've teamed up with or even from more knowledgeable customers educating other potential customers. If the videos are good, your followers will share them.  

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Final Thoughts

If you want your launch to be successful, you'll have to create a sufficient amount of excitement around it. People will have to be in great anticipation of it and eager to purchase it when the day arrives. But fortunately, there are plenty of ways to create this level of buzz. Social media is the perfect place to start this kind of energy. Follow the tips above and let them inspire new ideas. Happy launch. 

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